Kenyatta: Heart Tumor Surgery Successful and Positive Experience

When Kenyatta began experiencing dizziness at work, he consulted a doctor to find out the cause. The journey he embarked on would change his life. After numerous tests, a biopsy revealed a tumor between his heart and lung. While it was a noncancerous tumor, it had the potential to spread if not removed.

Kenyatta’s local cardiologist referred him to Houston Methodist’s Heart Tumor Program   to begin discussing surgery. “I heard from numerous people that if the President of the United States had this condition, this is where he’d come for treatment,” he recalls. “My family and I did a lot of research and Dr. Michael Reardon’s  name came up everywhere we looked — he wrote the book on heart tumor surgery.”

Just one year after surgery, Kenyatta was back at work, feeling well and enjoying life with his two daughters. “What impresses me about this team is not only their professionalism, but how personable they are,” he notes. “They follow up with me regularly, and they’re always more than helpful in answering any question I can come up with. I consider myself lucky to have found the right place at the right time.”