Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Gets His Energy Back on Track: Henry’s Story

Henry Ham is a diesel mechanic who loves his work. However, he started to notice that fixing trucks and performing daily activities were becoming increasingly more difficult. “I was always out of breath, my arm would go numb from time to time, and all I wanted to do was sleep,” Ham said. “I had absolutely no energy and life was a struggle every day.”

Ham was diagnosed with coronary artery disease with a 75 percent blockage in one of his arteries. He underwent heart bypass surgery to fix the problem. About a month after surgery, however, the same problems he had before surgery started to reappear.

“The doctors told me there was a complication during surgery that did some damage to my heart and that there was nothing they could do to fix it, and that I would just have to live with it,” Ham said. “I was devastated.”

Ham had a stent put in, but about a month later, he once again had no energy and wanted to sleep all the time. His mother-in-law told him about Houston Methodist. After doing some research, he made an appointment. Ham was evaluated by the experienced Houston Methodist cardiologists and underwent a minimally-invasive coronary artery bypass graft surgery performed by Dr. Mahesh Ramchandani, a cardiovascular surgeon at Houston Methodist. The procedure involves using blood vessels from another area of the body to bypass a blockage and restore normal blood flow to the heart.

After the procedure, Ham said he felt amazing. Once again, he had the energy to continue working at the job he loves. “I just started building a new house, and I could not have done that at this time last year,” Ham said. “Houston Methodist is clearly the best place to go. They gave me my life back.”

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