Robynne Parry

An avid runner reaching for the next level in marathons and Ironman competitions, Robynne began experiencing calf injuries and other overuse conditions commonly associated with endurance athletes.

As a fellow runner, primary care sports medicine  specialist Dr. Scott Rand , understood not only how to treat what Robynne was experiencing, but also how quickly she wanted to return to her training regimen. Together, they worked through each challenge — some as simple as knowing that periodic pain during a training session was okay to work through.

With her children becoming more involved in competitions, Robynne knows that they too are likely to experience injuries and conditions related to their activity. She is content knowing her entire family can come to Dr. Rand and the primary care sports medicine team at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital to keep doing what they love.

She says, "When I qualified for the Boston marathon, I called Dr. Rand and said WE did it. WE did it."