Faculty Appointments

We offer Houston Methodist faculty appointments in various academic tracks at levels from Instructor to Full Member. In addition, we offer affiliate appointments for scientists and clinicians from affiliated institutions.

Houston Methodist Academic Institute Appointments
The Houston Methodist Academic Institute governs all research, education and academic innovation activities at Houston Methodist. Houston Methodist faculty appointments are available on a number of tracks, at the rank of Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor. Please contact us at facultyaffairs@houstonmethodist.org for more information. 

Houston Methodist Research Institute Membership
The first step in initiating an appointment is to submit a nomination letter from the head of a department, program or center in which the faculty member holds his or her primary appointment. The letter should state:

  • Precise title, supported by a description of the individual’s duties, responsibilities, qualifications and accomplishments
  • Potential for the candidate as an independent scientist
  • Expected performance goals and timelines

In addition, the candidate will submit an updated CV and NIH biosketch, as well as a brief summary of past research accomplishments and future research plans. More information is available on our internal network or by contacting facultyaffairs@houstonmethodist.org.

To be considered for membership, the prospective member must be nominated by the research institute or a Houston Methodist department chair, or the President and CEO of the research institute.
The level of Affiliate Membership is available to scientists and clinicians from institutions whose values and mission are consistent with those of Houston Methodist. By offering an Affiliate Membership, we hope to achieve several goals:


  • To promote our mission of through research collaboration between individuals from these institutions and research institute members
  • To facilitate the training of research institute students and postdoctoral fellows
  • To develop common or shared facilities and relationships


For Affiliate Membership status, the nomination must come from the leader of a Houston Methodist department, program or center in which the prospective member will collaborate. 

Weill Cornell Medical College Appointment Process
Our office manages the Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) appointment process for all Houston Methodist scientists and physicians. Once a scientist has received his or her Houston Methodist faculty appointment, they may then apply for a WCMC appointment.

If you are holding an appointment on the academic-research track, you must devote at least 70 percent of your time to research. As a result, you may have accomplishments in teaching and/or clinical care, but not to the degree associated with appointment or promotion on the tenure track. Your specific duties are determined by the chair of the department in which you hold your appointment.

If you are holding an appointment on the academic-clinical track, your duties will reflect a significant commitment to clinical research, excellence in teaching and noted accomplishments in patient care. You will be expected to exhibit scholarly achievement in these areas and be willing to participate significantly in the academic activities of the medical college.

To apply for appointments, you can use the CV templates and tools available on our internal network.