Billing Information at The Woodlands Hospital

What to expect following your experience at Houston Methodist


Upon being admitted or receiving services, the patient or patient’s legal representative can accrue billing from the Hospital, the patient’s physicians, and affiliated physician groups that may provide facility-based services to the patient. These affiliated groups of facility-based physicians include Houston Methodist Pathology Associates for lab services, Houston Radiology Associated for diagnostics (e.g., x-rays), US Acute Care Solutions billing as Travis County Emergency Physicians PA for Emergency Department services, Mastos for Breast Center services, and U.S. Anesthesia Partners for anesthesiologists.


Houston Methodist

PO Box 4315

Houston, TX 77210-4315

832.667.5900 or 877.493.3228


Houston Methodist Pathology Associates

PO Box 4701

Houston, Texas 77210-4701

Billing Information: 877.340.2027

Questions/Estimates: 713.441.1277


Houston Radiology Associated

2190 N. Loop West, Suite 250

Houston, TX 77018



Quest Care Obstetrics, PLLC

PO Box 99074

Las Vegas, NV 89193-9074



US Acute Care Solutions billing as Travis

County Emergency Physicians PA

PO Box 21906

Belfast, ME 04915-4116


Above is a listing of Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital’s in-network payers. Based upon the insurance information you provided, if your plan is listed, Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital is a participating provider for your health plan. Please note the following:


  • Our affiliates and other facility-based physicians bill and collect independently for their services, and they may not participate in the same insurance plans as Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital.
  • You may receive a bill from a facility-based physician for the amount unpaid by your insurance plan.
  • You may request a full list of facility-based physicians who have been granted Medical Staff privileges.
  • You may also request information from facility-based physicians on whether or not they have an agreement with your insurance plan(s) and under what circumstances you may be billed for amounts not paid by your insurance plan(s).