Volunteer Services
Frequently Asked Questions

*For Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital campus only


When may I start?

 You may begin your service as a volunteer as soon as you have completed the application and onboarding process, which takes approximately three to six weeks, depending on various factors. The process includes completing a background check, health and drug screen, safety exam, orientation and training.


Are there opportunities for groups to volunteer?

 Yes, we have many opportunities for our partners in service, which include local church groups, civic organizations, small businesses and large corporations. Please contact Amy Ginder at 936-270-2189 or alginder@houstonmethodist.org.


How many hours per week must I volunteer?

 Typically we ask our volunteers to commit to one four-hour shift per week. With a four hour volunteer shift, we provide each volunteer a free meal allowance to be used on that day of service.


What are the hours I may volunteer?

 The majority of volunteer opportunities occur during business hours (Monday though Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM).


Is a flu shot required?

Yes, volunteers must get a flu shot every flu season as an annual requirement.


If I have received a flu shot from somewhere outside of Houston Methodist, may I use it to fulfill this requirement?

Yes, as long as the flu shot was given within the current flu season and you present appropriate documentation.


Is a tuberculosis (TB) test required?

Yes, this is an annual requirement to ensure patient safety.


If I have received a TB test in the last 12 months from somewhere outside of Houston Methodist, may I use it to fulfill this requirement?

 In most cases, yes, this is acceptable with proper documentation. The Employee Health Clinic will evaluate each case individually.


Are there only patient visitation assignments?

 No, we offer a variety of assignments, from greeting visitors to administrative tasks.


May I ever change assignments?

 Yes, you may discuss details about assignment changes with your volunteer coordinator.


May I volunteer for multiple assignments at once?

 Yes, you may discuss assignment details with your volunteer coordinator.


If I have a criminal charge on my background check, may I still volunteer?

Having a criminal history does not disqualify you automatically from volunteering. Each case is evaluated individually for approval or rejection by human resources. It is advised to disclose the criminal history when filling out your application.