Maham Rahimi, MD, PhD, RPVI

Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery, Academic Institute
Assistant Clinical Member, Research Institute
Houston Methodist
Weill Cornell Medical College


Dr. Rahimi grew up in north of Iran.  He moved to the United States in December 1998 and studied Biochemistry and Medicinal chemistry in Southern Methodist University.  After receiving his bachelors and masters degree, he started his PhD studies in Biomedical Engineering in UT Southwestern and UT Arlington focusing in nanotechnology.  He received several grants from United States Department of Defense and National Institutes of Health during his PhD studies.  After defending his dissertation, he started medical school in Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.  He moved to Cincinnati where he completed his vascular surgery training.  Dr. Rahimi joined Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Houston Methodist Hospital in 2017.
Dr. Rahimi has more than 30 publications, 50 abstracts, and several patents in fields of nanotechnology and vascular surgery.  Dr. Rahimi continues research in nanotechnology, vascular surgery, biomedical engineering, device design and innovation.

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