Carole Winn-Scott

When Carole Winn-Scott was diagnosed with scoliosis as a young girl, the treatment options were invasive, so her parents opted to avoid surgery. Many years later, when she came to see Dr. HoSun Hwang, she was beginning to experience back pain, which intensified after periods of exercise or activity. Even climbing stairs and sitting in the bleachers at her son's football games was beginning to cause intense pain.

“I knew I needed to see a doctor who would help relieve this pain and understand my condition,” says Carole. “That's when I went to see Dr. Hwang.”

Dr. Hwang determined that Carole was healthy and active and therefore a good candidate for some of the latest treatment available for patients with curvature of the spine. More advanced implants and procedures for deformity correction make treatment options much less invasive than when Carole was a young girl.

Following treatment, Carole is now able to climb to the top of the stairs and sit comfortably through her son's football games. She says, "I am living proof that the results of that surgery and the care I received at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital were spectacular."