Lee Messer

Lee Messer is young, active and busy. He can often be found at his local park, exploring the trails by rollerblade or skateboard. On a walk with his grandparents one day, he came across a rope swing and decided, like most kids would, to try it out. But he lost his grip and fell, severely breaking his arm.

"I felt dazed," he says, recounting a quick trip to the emergency room at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, where the staff helped calm him and manage his painful injury.

The complex break required multiple surgeries and a two-week hospital stay. But with the help of Dr. Korsh Jafarnia, Lee’s bones made remarkable healing progress and he was released happy and healthy.

"They took my pins out, and my doctor said it wouldn't hurt. And it didn't!" says Lee, who is already back at the park, rollerblading.