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I'm considering a shared data source with standard language regarding the nicotine policy and eligiblity for employment at HMH so the information doesn't vary between programs and can be easily updated. Currently, that content is managed by individual programs.

Contact information is a separate component that links to the same two column data source used on the main landing page for the residency.

Important Notice About Employment at Houston Methodist

Houston Methodist is committed to improving the health of our patients, employees and communities around us. As a health care provider, it’s our responsibility to promote a healthier environment for those employed in our facilities. Job seekers will be tested for tobacco/nicotine products usage, including nicotine gum and patches, during the post-offer physical.

Effective Jan. 1, 2013, Houston Methodist Hospital will no longer enroll/hire residents and fellows who use products containing nicotine. A positive nicotine test at the pre-employment health screen is a failure to meet the conditions of employment, is considered a violation of the employment contract by the applicant and will result in inability to start the program. The matched applicant's inability to start the training program will be reported to the NRMP.

If a potential resident/fellow tests positive for tobacco use, the offer will be rescinded and individuals will be given the opportunity to participate in a free tobacco cessation program provided by Houston Methodist. Residents wishing to reapply after testing positive for tobacco may do so 90 days after the date the initial offer was rescinded.

Although applicants who are not allowed to start may be re-tested in 90 days, programs will not be obligated to hold the position for the applicant since a positive test result is considered a violation of the match agreement between the applicant and Houston Methodist Hospital.


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