Everett E. and Randee K. Bernal

Edward R. Allen III and Chinhui Juhn
Carolyn and Bob Allison
The Honorable Hushang Ansary and Mrs. Shahla Ansary
Joan and Stanley H. Appel, MD 
John F. III and Ann H. Bookout
The Boyce Family
Bertha and David Cabello
Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
Dan O. Dinges
Stephen and Patricia Chazen
The Cockrell Foundation
Estela and David Cockrell
Janet and Ernest H. Cockrell
Stephanie and Ernest D. Cockrell
Carol Cockrell Curran and Richard B. Curran
Christy and J. Webb Jennings
Laura Jennings Turner and John A. Turner
Michael M. and Joann H. Cone
Roberto Contreras and Claudia Contreras
Dr. Antoinette Ripepi Cramer and Dr. Alan T. Cramer
Lois and Carl A. Davis
Clara and Mauricio Fabre
James G. Floyd and Glenna S. Floyd
Cathy and Ed Frank
John and Cindy Gremp
Jes and John Hagale
Ann and Billy Harrison
Lou and Mark Houser
Ann and Johnny Johnson
Rosemarie Johnson and Matthew L. Johnson
The Jerold B. Katz Foundation
Jerold B. Katz
Judith E. Katz
Nicole and Evan H. Katz
Lenny C. Katz
Lissy Katz Bank and Joshua D. Bank
Barbara Monroe Kirsch
Leonard La Noue and Michele La Noue
Mimi and Larry Levine
Carol and Michael Linn
The W.T. and Louise J. Moran Foundation
Barbara and Allen Jogerst, Jr.
Susanne and Randall Evans
Linda and Robert Mullins
Wendy and Ben Moreland
Mary Neal, M.D. and Ron Neal
Libbie and Greg Nelson
Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Becky and Ralph S. O'Connor
Doug Pitcock
Melissa and Doug Schnitzer
KWS Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Sinclair
The Mary Alice Smith Charitable Foundation
Rosemary and Dan J. Harrison III
Phoebe and Bobby Tudor
Christine and David M. Underwood, Jr.
Lynda and David M.* Underwood
Lynne and Jim Vanderhider
Walter Oil & Gas Corporation
Carole and Jim Looke
Paula and Rusty Walter
Marilyn and Chris Winters
Woodforest National Bank
Cathy and Macauley Nash
Kimberly and Robert Marling, Jr.
Janet and Tony Ross
Christin and Matthew Allphin
Kelley and Donald Young
Sue and Ed Zinni
Barb and Bob Zorich
Mr. and Mrs. P. David Amend
The D. Kent and Linda C. Anderson Foundation
Linda and Kent* Anderson
Whitney Anderson Walsh and Marc Walsh
Huntley Anderson Kubitza and Dan Kubitza
Elle and Clarke Anderson
Steven D. Arnold
Janice H. Barrow
Sheryl and Doug Bech
The Bisso Family
Darlene and Cappy* Bisso
Eva and Beau Bisso
Susan and Ron Blankenship
Leslie and Jack S. Blanton, Jr.
Drs. Julie and Marc Boom 
Cathy and Giorgio Borlenghi
Braly Family Limited Partnership
Kristi and Ken Breaux
Kathy and George Britton
Molly and Allen Brivic
Sue Smith and Craig Brown
Maria and Neil Bush
Cam and Rod Canion
Robyn and P. Embry Canterbury
Keely and Carl Carter
Alice and Roderick Ciaccio
Dru and Scott Cone
Sylvie and Gary Crum
Veronica Selinko-Curran, M.D. and Michael F. Curran
Debi and Ray Davis
Haydeh and Ali Davoudi
Martha and Andrew DeBusk
Nancy and Jack Dinerstein
David and Kimberly Dominy
Jean W. Durdin
Sharilyn Durdin Lampson
Heather Oglesby Bennett
Granger Durdin-Pugh
R. Forbes Durdin II
Andrea and Lyle Eastham
Jenny Elkins
Andrea and Larry Elliott
Juliet Ellis and D. West Griffin
Lesha and Tom Elsenbrook
Clayton and Shel Erikson
Patti and Richard Everett
Paola and Mauro Ferrari 
Ann and Peter Fluor
Cyndi and Steve Ford
Midway Foundation
Claudia and Brad Freels
Freeport LNG Development, L.P.
Iris and Michael Smith
Patricia and Sigmund Cornelius
Dolores Cavatore and John Tobola
Linda and Ray Gonzales
Tami and Mark Mallett
Leah and Hugh Urbantke
Kathy and Greg Geib
Dan and Eleanor Gilbane
Gilbane Building Company
Kalli O'Malley and Terry Giles
In Honor of Ramsay Gillman
E. J. and Wilda Grivetti
Terence and Henrietta Hall
Karen and David Haug
Renee and John Hawkins
Robert A. Hay
Kimberly and Kyle Hranicky
Mel and Cathy Jodeit
Brigitte and Bashar Kalai
Gayle and Tom Kennedy
Mr. Balwant S. Khurana
Fadila and Paal Kibsgaard
Jacqueline and Mark Klein
Lesley and Kevin Lilly
Mr. George I. Lindahl III
Penny and Paul Loyd
Stan and Reinnette Marek
Marcy and Jeffrey E. Margolis
Jennifer A. Margolis
Jonathan A. Margolis
Judy O. and Kenneth Margolis
Allyson and Burt Martin
Laura and Andrew McCullough
The Mehta Family Foundation
Dharmesh Mehta
Jainesh Mehta
Nisha Mehta
Rahul Mehta
Denise Monteleone
Eileen and John S. Moody
Jennifer and Joel Moore
Dr. Tristi W. Muir and Mr. Andrew Muir 
Lisa and Josh Oren
Tammy and Alan Patton
Nancy and Robert Peiser
Mary Tere and Ricardo Perusquia
Phipps Mineral Holdings, Ltd.
Zena and Dale Phipps
Basil Phipps
Sabiha and Omar Rehmatulla
Leslie and Russ Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Ross
Elizabeth and Matthew Rotan
Amy and Tom Ryan
Dr. and Mrs. A. Carl Schmulen 
Debra McLeod and Jay Sears
Susie and Tommy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Stepanian
Steve and Anne-Laure Stephens
James D. and Sharla Thompson III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Thompson
Lee and Ty Tillman
Beth and Schuyler Tilney
The Trammell Foundation
Ann Gordon Trammell
Harper and Kelley Trammell
Matthew and Laura Baird
Carrie Trammell Sturges
Sue Trammell Whitfield
James (Jim) and Celia Crank
Diane and William F. Whitfield, Jr.
W. Trammell Whitfield
Julia D. Trammell
Susan Whitfield
Patti and Joe Trapolino
Sarah and Duncan K. Underwood
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Walker
Elizabeth and Peter Wareing
The Webber Foundation
Barbara C. Webber
Mary and Temple Webber
Janna and David Webber
Kay and Ewing Werlein, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. William Winters, Jr. 
Patti and Paul Yetter

Dorothy and Mickey Ables
Gerard and Nicole Abreo 
Anny Whyte and Steve Adger
Jim and Deborah Adler
Marc F. Adler and Mr. and Mrs. Louis K Adler
Libby and George Alcorn
Marci and Steve Alvis
DeeAnn Elizabeth Anderson 
Marilyn and Bolivar Andrews
Gina and Jeff Andrews
Dr. Danielle D. Antosh and Mr. Josef Antosh
Michael D. Anzilotti Jr.
Sue Sue and Don Aron
Susie Kelly Bace
Marilyn J. Back
Lee and Alice Backsen
Jud and ZoeAnn Bailey
Myrna and Allen Baker 
Wayne and Sarah Baldwin
A.L. Ballard
Antonio and Cecilia Ballesca
Mr. and Mrs. Gaurdie E. Banister
Keith and Dori Barber
Peggy and Bill Barnett
Mr. John and Linda Barrett
Julie and Seth Barrett
Carin and Todd Barth
Dr. and Mrs. Ted Basden
Barbara Lee Bass MD and Richard S. Marshall 
Dr. Roberto J. and Mrs. Agniela M. Bayardo
Sharon and John Beck
John and Carolyn Belk 
Mary Bates Bentsen
William B. and Sherry Berry
Carole and Bruce Bilger
Cody and Kori Biller
Steve and Ashley Birdwell
R. Harry Bishop
Collier and Richard Blades
Patricia and Michael Blalock
Joseph and Patricia Blandford
Kelli and Eddy Blanton
Meghan and Eddy Blanton 
Dr. and Mrs. Milton Boniuk 
Pat and Ben Bono
Mary Kay Borchers
Mrs. Patricia K. Boyd
Kristy and Chris Bradshaw
Kathryn and Billy Bragan
Dr. and Mrs. W. Grant Braly
Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Brand
Allison M. Brandt
Marsha and Jim Braniff
Jane and Jim Brann
Fred and Jessica Brazelton
Shelley and Lew Brazelton
Judy Breitenbach and Jerry Feld
Anne and John Brent
Stephen and Eloise Brice
George and Shelley Britton
Susan and Raymond Brochstein
Elizabeth and Mark Brueggeman
Dr. and Mrs. William Bryan
Virginia and Frank Burge
Libby and Steve Burns 
Linda and Kevin Burns
R.D. and Ginger Burnside
Ramona Alms and Gary Burrows
Dr. and Mrs. Trevor M. Burt 
Penny and John Butler
Linda and William Bux
Shawna and Ben Callaghan
Jackie and Robert Callies 
Ellie and Roy Camberg
Sarah Jane and Ross Canion
Mick and Mary Jo Cantu 
Karen and Jack Carlson
Charlene Carroll
Theodore H. Case and Nancy Chancellor
Dr. and Mrs. Gus Cezeaux
Rebecca Chamberlin
Gerardo A. Chapa
Mr. and Mrs. O. Don Chapoton
Charline and Bill J. Chen
Wendy and Bill Chiles
Muffin and Jim Clark
Sarah and Sam Cooper
Susan and Kem Coulter 
Bill and Joann Crassas
Ted and Paula Criel
Julie and Markley Crosswell
Emily and Holcombe Crosswell
Clyde and Carol Crouch
Lloyd R. and Susie Cunningham
Paul Curtiss
Mary Charles and Jay Davis
Carolyn and Platt Davis
Scott A. Davis
Anna Dean
Myrna and Ray Deckert
Catherine S. Del Paggio and Thomas H. Padgett, Jr.
Jill and Brad Deutser
Jon D. Deutser
Mary Rebecca and Cody Dick
Bill and Mary Anne Dingus
John and Staci Donovan
Carolyn and Chris Dorros
Jessica and Jamil Driscoll
Nan and Mike Duhon
Jan Duncan
Eliza and Johnny Duncan
Susan B. Dunn
Connie and Byron Dyer
Robert and Mollie Eardley 
Sandra K. Eckels
Peggy and Gary Edwards
Gary W. and Sandra K. Eiland
Mildred and Richard Ellis
Pam and Jimmy Erwin
Dr. Peter and Eva Farha
Mary Jean and Walt Faulkenberry
Lazaro H. Fernandez
Nanette Finger
Thomas and Shari Fish
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Flores 
Rigo and Araceli L. Flores
Harriet and Joe Foster
Ellie and Michael Francisco
James and Carol Frankel
Norman and Sheree Frede
Drs. Sigmund and Joan Friedland 
Janet and Mickey Frost
Katelyn and Nick Furman 
Drs. Lillian and Osama Gaber 
Kathryn M. Galt
Betsy Garlinger
Jacko and Barbara Garrett
Angelica M. Garza and Richard Sepulveda 
Judy M.* and Robert L. Gerry III
Kathryn and Mark Ghobrial 
Kate and Steve Gibson
Laura and Carl Giesler
Grace and Robert Givens
Robert Glauser
Marilyn and Lanny Glick
Susie and Jay Golding
Herb and Mary Goodman
Kathy and Marty Goossen
Annette and Dan Gordon
James and Nancy Gordon
Dr. and Mrs. Antonio M. Gotto and Weill Cornell Medicine
Annie and Bob Graham
Danny and Suzanne Grant
Jan S Greenspan
Janet D. Griesenbeck
Carole and Michael Hackett 
James and Connie Haddox
Linda and John David Hagerman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Mary Lou Hall
Ollabelle and Gary Hall
Rebecca M. Hall
Rob and Jennie Hampton
Rob and Cindy Hardin
Mary Jean and Jim Hardy
Amanda and David Harris 
Eddie E. Harris
Sylvia and Titus Harris
Warren and Lauren Harris
John and CJ Haynes
Erin and Boyd Heath
Elaine Helfman
Alice and Randy Helms
Janis and Randy Henry
Carol and John Hess
Bonnie E. Hibbert
Laura Laux Higgins and Ryan Higgins
Gayle and Richard Hightower
Chris and Marilyn Hilliard
Wendy and Jeff Hines
Jo Anne Hodges
Patricia Hunt Holmes
Janet and Howard S. Hoover, Jr.
Carol Philips Hopson and Robert M. Hopson II
Nancy Huston
Rebecca and Thad Hutcheson
Dr. Stephen and Kerry Incavo 
Ray and Becky Ingle
Ann C. Iverson
Jim and Linda Janssen
Mrs. Daniel R. Japhet
Roger and Jamie Jarvis
Mary and Jim Jennings
Marjorie and Raleigh Johnson
Christine and Rob Johnson
Christine and John Johnston
Edward and Lynn Jones 
Bishop Scott J. Jones and Ms. Mary Lou Reece
Shelby and Ward Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kagan
Dr. and Mrs. Alan L. Kaplan 
Joan and Marvin Kaplan
Sharon Turboff Katz and Marvin Katz
Anne Lamkin Kinder
Marie Louise and David Kinder
William E. King
Peter and Jeanne Kinnear
Candy and Tom Knudson
Carl and Linda Kulhanek 
Katie Laukien
Geoff and Allison Leach
Jeffrey J. Ledvina
Stephen N. Lee 
Amy and Gentry Lee
Carter and Bill Lee
Kayla Jo and Jim Lehmann
Ariel and Doreen Leibovitz
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Letbetter
Melanie and Stan Levy
James and Maymo Lewis
Marilyn H. Ligon
Shelli and Steve Lindley
Margene and Bill Lloyd
Margo Meynier Loeffler
Marc N. Longo, M.D. 
Dr. Jamie L. Loveland and Mr. Mark Loveland
Jean and Jim Lowrey
Max and Chris Lukens
Cora Sue and Harry Mach
Kathleen and Tom Mach
Danielle and David Magdol
Calvin C. Mann, Jr.
Dr. Marcella Ritter and Mr. Bryant Manning
Melanie and Larry Margolis
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Margolis
Tom and Lucinda Marinis
Shirley and Jay Marks
Laura Lopez and Lewis Marks 
David and Mary Carter Marold
Peggy and Dale L. Martin
Susan and Tom Martin
Larry and Diane Mathis
Lisa and Will Mathis
Dorothy B. McCaine
Barbara and Pat McCelvey
Dorothy McCoy
Anne* and Jarrel McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. R. Kent McGaughy
David and Mary Ann McKeithan
Dr. Terry Bowman McLendon 
Cathy and Bill McNamara
Alice and Frank McWilliams
Lonnie and Kathy Meadows
Mac and Erin Meadows
Gwen and Lawrence Melody
Harvey and Collie Michaels
Elisabeth and Ron Millard
Jan and Arnie Miller
Steve and Sheila Miller
Charles and Laura Millikan 
Ramona Mitchell
T.W. "Spider" Mohle, Jr.
Dan M. Moody, Jr.
Rick Moore and Marilyn Russo
Leslie and Sam Morasca
Kimball and David Moriniere
Mr. and Mrs. John Fulton Murray III
Jim Musser and Camille Leugers 
Roberta and Dr. Joseph Naples 
NatureBest Pre-cut & Produce, LLC
Bobbie Nau
John N. Neighbors
Neel and Jim Nelson
Leda and Dis Netland
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Neumann
Shannon and Dan Newman 
W. Martin Nicholas
Taylor and Michaela Norris
Dr. Katherine Walsh and Mr. Ron Noska 
James Oden
Lisa and Mike O'Leary
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Oliver, Jr.
Bodene Orr
John and Kathy Orton
Martha F. Oti
Mr. and Mrs. O. Keith Owen III
Cabrina and Steven Owsley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Padon
Dan and Pam Pantera 
Suzanne "Suzi" Parker
Robert and Sheila Partin
Camille and Grier Patton
Cherrill Farnsworth and Peter J. Pavluk
Jane and Harry Pefanis
Alejandro Pelaez
Pelaez Family
Santiago and Gabriela Pelaez
Scot Philipp and Trisha Hillman Philipp
Grace and Carroll Phillips
Marty and Liane Phillips
Drs. Julia Andrieni and Rob Phillips 
Ber and Adele Pieper
Judge and Mrs. Paul Pressler
Ann and Espy Price
Katherine and Michael Putnam
Doug and Wendy Quinn
Dr. Ahmed Rabie
Magda and Vidal Ramirez
Cathy and Ron Ramsey
Louise M. Ratz
Tommy and Isla Reckling
Dr. and Mrs. Keith O. Reeves
Benjamin B. Richter
Lisa Ritchie
George and Fay Rizzo
Leandro P. Rizzuto
Cary and C. Kenneth Roberts
Laura and Jamie Robertson
Jennifer Hines Robertson
Peggy Roe
Ms. Regina J. Rogers
Sybil F. Roos
Jack Rose
Dr. and Mrs. Larry A. Rose
Vivian Rose 
Sandra Y. Rosenberg and Stuart M. Rosenberg
Sam B. Ross
Melanie and Scott Rothwell
Marlene Rubin
Ellis and Beverly Rudy
Charles and Phoebe Ruehl
Keith Rutherford and Wendy Taylor
John Saladino
Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Salmonsen
Cathy and Sid Sanders 
Gina and Saib Saour
The Sarofim Foundation
Barbara and Rusty Schlattman
Richard and Jacqueline Schmeal
Anna and Bret Scholtes
Joseph M. and Terri Schwartz
Roberta and Lee Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Schwer
Phyllis and Jack Selber
Helen and James Shaffer
Laura and Mike Shannon
Charles E. and Ellen Sheedy
Nancy and Don Sheffield
Mary A. Sherwood
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Siebenaler 
Sharon W. and Thomas D. Simmons, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Terry L. Simon 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Skipper
Frank and Martha Smith
Ann and Jerry Snyder
H. Dirk Sostman, MD
Aldona J. Spiegel, MD
Nancy and Kenneth Spitler
Kathy and John Stanton
Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard Stasney
Allison and Spencer Stasney
Sharon Werlin Staton
Betty Ann Stedman
Virginia and Dan Steppe
Cynthia Pickett-Stevenson and Donald Stevenson
David and Joanne Storm
Debbie and Steven Sukin, MD 
DiAnn and George Sutherland
Anne and Taft Symonds
Betty and Michael Tapick
Catherine B. Taylor
Chay and Tory Taylor
Robert C. and Sara R. Thomas
Nancy H. Thompson
TIRR Foundation
Bill Toomey and Dr. Courtney Toomey
Cathleen and Patrick Trask
Henrietta and Alex Trevino
Jane and Keith Trotman
Nancy and Tommy Tucker
Dianne and Ellis Tudzin
Gaye Tullos
Mr. John A. Turner
Lee L.D. Tuttle, Jr., M.D. and Jean Tuttle
Sally and Jack Tyler
Candice and Edward Tyrrell 
U.S. Pecan Trading Co., Ltd.
Bob and Peggy Ullom
Scott Ulrich 
Wade Upton
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Urquhart
Mrs. Connally Vandiver
Kevin and Karen Varner 
Roswell and Blake Vaughan
Christie and George Vlahakos
Gema and Wayne Voss 
Bridget and Patrick Wade
Karen and Jason Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Barron F. Wallace
Connie and Larry Wallace
Mollie and Kent Wallace
Martha S. Walton
Pat and Jim Walzel
Nancy Ames and Danny Ward
Kathy Watkins
Bruce D. Weaver, Sr.
Kristen and Scott Weber
Misty and Tyson Weihs
Mrs. Anita K. Weiner
Marcy E. Taub and Thomas Wessel
Margaret and Kim Wheless
Laura and William M. Wheless IV
Susan D. White 
Carolyn Wildenthal
Tracy and Richard Wilken
Sandi and Steven Wolf
Stephen and Sandie Wong 
Marilyn M. Woodhouse
Jo Dee and Cliff Wright
Lorraine and Ed Wulfe
Matagator Foundation
Dr. Frank and Linda Yelin
Erla and Harry Zuber

Member list as of July 1, 2017
*In loving memory