Hyperbaric Therapy

Oxygen contributes to the growth of healthy skin and blood vessels, both of which are critical to ensuring that your wound heals properly. Hyperbaric therapy increases the amount of oxygen in your blood and increases the amount of oxygen available for your body to use in the wound healing process.
Our wound care specialists incorporate hyperbaric therapy into a comprehensive treatment plan that focuses on promoting healing from the inside out. When treated in one of the hyperbaric therapy chambers at Houston Methodist, you will breathe 100 percent oxygen at an air pressure that is two to three times higher than normal, allowing you to take in more of the oxygen than you need for the healing process.
This advanced technology can play an important role in the following areas: 

  • Raising blood and tissue levels of oxygen 
  • Promoting more rapid skin and blood vessel growth 
  • Restoring healthy tissue at the wound site 
  • Increasing your chances for successful healing


Our advanced approach to wound care helps speed your recovery and your return to an active lifestyle.