Houston Methodist announced today that it has awarded more than $4.6 million in community grants to 59 Houston-area nonprofit organizations through the Houston Methodist Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Grant Program. This program supports community initiatives focused on addressing the social determinants of health that lead to health inequities within racial, ethnic and social minorities, including women, people experiencing homelessness, older adults, the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants and more.


Now in its second year, the DEI Grant Program will support more than 100,000 people in the Greater Houston area through 29 healthy neighborhood programs, 16 economic empowerment programs and 17 educational empowerment programs. The program includes two types of grant funding — the Social Equity Grant awards funding for health equity programs targeting racial and ethnic minorities, and the DEI Grant provides resources for operating and capacity building for agencies serving broader minority communities. Since the program was launched in 2021, an additional 22 organizations received grants, resulting in an 87% increase in funds awarded this year.


“It’s incredibly encouraging to see so many local non-profit organizations working to close the health and social disparity gaps that exist among minority groups in the Houston area,” said Ryane Jackson, vice-president, community benefits at Houston Methodist. “The goal of the Houston Methodist DEI grant program is to enact meaningful change. For us, that change entails working together with local charity agencies in our collective pursuit to build a healthier Houston that reaffirms the value and worth of everyone. Entering our second year of funding, we’re pleased to support even more local organizations this year who are critical in shaping our community.”


In addition to the DEI Grant Program, Houston Methodist has a Community Benefits Grant Program which offers grant support to local nonprofits working to provide affordable, quality access to health care and mental health services to the financially indigent. To learn about the 2022-2023 DEI and Social Equity grant awardees, click here.