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Zheng Yin, PhD

Instructor in Systems Medicine and Bioengineering, Institute for Academic Medicine
Instructor, Research Institute
Houston Methodist

KAT2A coupled with the a-KGDH complex acts as a histone H3 succinyltransferase
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C-reactive protein promotes bone destruction in human myeloma through the CD32-p38 MAPK-Twist axis
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KAT2A coupled with the a-KGDH complex acts as a histone H3 succinyltransferase
Yin, Z 2017, Nature.

Current Computational Models for Prediction of the Varied Interactions Related to Noncoding RNAs
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Integration of multiscale dendritic spine structure and function data into systems biology models
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Transcriptome analysis of human adipocytes implicates the NOD-like receptor pathway in obesity-induced adipose inflammation
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Genomics-Based Cancer Theranostics
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An integrated analytic pipeline for identifying and predicting genetic interactions based on perturbation data from high content double RNAi screening
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Mechanical unloading promotes myocardial energy recovery in human heart failure
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Transcriptional signaling pathways inversely regulated in Alzheimer's disease and glioblastoma multiform
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The miR-223/nuclear factor I-A axis regulates glial precursor proliferation and tumorigenesis in the CNS
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A screen for morphological complexity identifies regulators of switch-like transitions between discrete cell shapes
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Chapter 17: Bioimage Informatics for Systems Pharmacology
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Class II major histocompatibility complex plays an essential role in obesity-induced adipose inflammation
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