Xuewu Liu

Xuewu Liu, PhD

Research Professor of Nanomedicine, Academic Institute
Full Research Member, Research Institute
Houston Methodist


Dr. Xuewu Liu worked as an engineer in the optics industry for two years before undertaking postdoctoral training at the Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy at IUPUI Indianapolis. He then joined Ohio State University as a senior research associate in nanomedicine. He was appointed assistant professor of nanomedicine and biomedical engineering at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston in 2006. In 2010, Dr. Liu joined to The Methodist Hospital Research Institute, to direct the nanoengineering core.

Dr. Xuewu Liu is a leading scientist in silicon nanotechnology, with extensive experience in materials science, optics, microfabrication and nanomedicine. He directs research and development of silicon based biomedical nanotechnology, and coordinates a nanoengineering team to support biomedical research at the institute levels. The nanomedicine platforms he has developed include porous silicon particles, nanowire barcodes, an implantable nanochannel delivery system, nanowire enhanced nanofluidic devices, and nanoporous proteomic chips. Dr. Liu had been issued 8 US patents, and published over 100 peer-reviewed journal papers, of which >20 were highlighted as journal cover articles.

Description of Research

Dr. Liu’s research focus is the development of silicon based nanotechnology platforms for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human disease. His current interests include mass production of porous silicon particles, surface chemistry of porous silicon, nanowire theranostic platforms, multifunctional nanoparticles, and microfluidics devices for isolation and analysis of exosomes.

Areas Of Expertise

Silicon nanotechnology Drug delivery nanoparticles Theranostics Biological microfluidics
Education & Training

MS, Jilin University
Postdoctoral Associate, Heart and Lung Research Institute
Postdoctoral Associate, Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy, Indianapolis, IN
PhD, Kent State University


Patent Number: EP3027264, Jun 08 2016

Nanochanneled device with electrodes and related methods

Patent Number: CN105530988, Apr 27 2016


Patent Number: US2015246174, Sep 03 2015


Patent Number: US2015088102, Mar 26 2015


Patent Number: WO2015017777, Feb 05 2015


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