Tariq Shafi, MD, MHS

Acting Professor of Medicine, Academic Institute
Head, Division of Kidney Diseases, Hypertension & Transplantation, Department of Medicine
Houston Methodist


Dr. Shafi is the Head of the Division of Kidney Diseases, Hypertension, & Transplantation and Jerold B. Katz Investigator at the Houston Methodist Hospital. 

Dr. Shafi received his medical degree from Dow Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1990, followed by Internal Medicine residency training at Detroit’s Wayne State University. After several years in leadership roles at the Detroit Medical Center, Dr. Shafi pursued a nephrology fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital and an MHS in Clinical Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Dr. Shafi joined the Nephrology Division at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2008 and was a faculty member there until 2018. Dr. Shafi then joined the University of Mississippi Medical Center as the John D. Bower Director of the Division of Nephrology and Transplantation, a position he held until 2022 when he moved to Houston Methodist Hospital. 

Dr. Shafi is an NIH-funded clinician-scientist focusing on cardiovascular risk factors and outcomes in patients with kidney disease treated with dialysis. Dr. Shafi has extensive expertise in human subjects clinical research, biomarker studies, health services research, and population health. He has been continuously funded by NIH since 2006. Dr. Shafi is a permanent member of the NIH Health Services Quality and Effectiveness (HSQE) Study Section and is a member of the editorial boards of the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, the American Journal of Medical Sciences, and Kidney360


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