Robert E. Jackson, MD, MACP

Professor of Clinical Medicine, Academic Institute
Full Clinical Member, Research Institute
C. Richard Stasney, M.D. Distinguished Chair in Performing Arts Medicine, Houston Methodist
Weill Cornell Medical College


After completing his residency, Dr. Jackson joined the faculty at Baylor College of Medicine and became an associate professor in 1998. He is actively involved in teaching, research, and clinical practice both at Baylor College of Medicine and the Methodist Hospital. He is an adjunct professor at Texas Woman´s University and has been a preceptor for their Advanced Nurse Practitioner Program since 1995. He received the Award for Excellence in Teaching from the Baylor College of Medicine´s Department of Internal Medicine (2004-2005) and was voted "Best Doctor in Internal Medicine" by The Best Doctor´s in America (2005).

Description of Research

Dr. Jackson has been primary investigator on numerous industry-sponsored clinical trials investigating treatments for community-acquired pneumonia, fibromyalgia, and the use of inhaled insulin to treat patients with asthma.

Areas Of Expertise

Asthma Pneumonia Fibromyalgia
Education & Training

Residency, Baylor College of Medicine
MD, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
Internship, San Francisco General Hospital
MA, The University of Texas at Austin

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