Muthuraju Sangu

Muthuraju Sangu, PhD

Instructor in Radiology, Academic Institute
Houston Methodist


My doctorate thesis research was concerning high altitude physiology mainly focusing on memory functions. Stimulation chamber used for inducing hypobaric hypoxia. I performed learning, relearning, memory consolidation and memory retrieval of rats following hypoxia. Animal handling, animal behavior analysis, basic neurotoxicity and neurochemical studies were carried out during the doctorate research. The cholinergic system and cognitive behavior have been well familiarized during hypoxia projects.

 First post-doctoral position was offered from University of Turin, Italy where I was focusing on nociceptive pathways and neurotrophic factors using p8-p12 neonatal mice. This study used glial cell derived neurotrophic factors (GDNF) as a molecule to examine the role of analgesic effect. The neurotrophic factors and pain mechanisms have been well familiarized during this project.

The second post-doctoral position was offered from the Department of Neurosciences, School of Medical Sciences, University of Sains Malaysia (USM) in Malaysia. This study was aimed to understand the effect of Normobaric hyperoxia (100% O2) on closed traumatic brain injury in the basal ganglia of mouse models. The stereotactic surgery coordinates at basal ganglia, fluid percussion device for induction of closed brain injury, IntelliCage as automated behavior system, morphology, locomotor behaviors and dopaminergic system has been well familiarized during this project.  

The third post-doctoral position was obtained from the Department of Neuropsychopharmacology, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The main theme of this laboratory is to understand the fear and anxiety behavior mediated by antipsychotic drugs through different brain regions. This project made me well familiarized in the field of fear and anxiety behavior and role of dopamine in the mediation of the aversive behavior in the midbrain structures. 

Then, I joined as a senior lecturer (equivalent to the rank of Associate Professor in North American Universities) in the department of Neuroscience, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Malaysia. Based on my expertise, I established a project on stress neurobiology and alcohol addictive behavior in a mouse model. I received two university level short term grants and two national level grants in Malaysia. Also, I was working as a Co-investigator for other projects dealing with intracerebellar hemorrhage mouse model, effect of hypoxia on Semaphorin family in human hippocampal astrocytes, effects of Centella asiatica on learning and memory, effects of Tualang honey supplement on memory performance and human TB project. I supervised 4 master students and 1 Ph.D student.  Also, I have been a co-supervisor for 8 master students. I have experience in project management, supervising students, and administrative work.  

Again, I was offered a post-doctoral position in the College of Pharmacy, University of Houston to study the role of presynaptic proteins in alcohol addiction. Currently, I have been working as an Instructor in Radiology, Houston Methodist Research Institute to study the neuroinflammatory markers in the various neurological disorders using PET/MRI imaging in mice and humans. Also, I am involved in a clinical trial for 18F-SMBT-1 in healthy and Alzheimer’s disease patients. On the other hand, I am working on a NAFLD mice model using PET/MRI using PET tracer for liver fibrosis and behavior.

Education & Training

PhD, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

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