Mojgan Amrikachi, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology and Genomic Medicine, Academic Institute
Houston Methodist
Weill Cornell Medical College


Dr. Amrikachi received her MD degree from Hacettepe University School of Medicine in Ankara, Turkey in 1991. After completing a pathology residency and cytopathology fellowship at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, she completed a surgical pathology fellowship at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Amrikachi joined the faculty at Houston Methodist in the Department of Pathology and Genomic Medicine in 2005 and received her appointment at the Weill Cornell Medical College that same year.

Description of Research

Dr. Amrikachi is a general surgical pathologist with subspecialty training in cytopathology and neoplastic surgical pathology. She is interested in morphologic, immunohistochemical, and molecular analysis of thyroid disease. Currently, Dr. Amrikachi is in the process of investigating the use of tissue microarray for more accurate and efficient diagnosis of thyroid lesions. Specifically, this tissue microarray will be used to examine the role of different molecular and immunohistochemical markers in distinguishing benign lesions of the thyroid from malignant nodules.

Education & Training

Residency, Baylor College of Medicine
Clinical Fellowship, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Internship, University of Texas Medical Branch
MD, Hacettepe University

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