Max W. Adelman, MD, MSc

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Academic Institute
Assistant Clinical Member, Research Institute
Houston Methodist
Weill Cornell Medical College


I am a clinician-scientist with clinical training in Infectious Diseases and Critical Care Medicine. I actively practice both of these specialties at Houston Methodist, where I also teach residents, fellows, and Texas A&M EnMed medical students as the Critical Care Clerkship Director. I additionally conduct clinical and translational research on issues relevant to critically ill patients with or at risk of severe infections, including the impact of multi-drug resistant bacteria and yeasts. 

Description of Research

I am clinically trained in both Infectious Diseases and Critical Care Medicine and my research interests sit at the intersection of these fields. My current clinical and translational research focuses on the clinical and immune impact of gut colonization with multi-drug resistant bacteria and yeasts, including the emerging multi-drug resistant fungus Candida auris. I have received funding from Houston Methodist Research Institute to examine these issues in patients at high risk for adverse outcomes, including critically ill patients and patients after solid organ transplatation. Additionally, I collaborate with experts in Candida biology and immunology from around the Texas Medical Center. I have extensive prior experience in COVID-19 outcomes and clinical trials research, as well as in other topics relevant to both Infectious Diseases and Critical Care including C. difficile infection and sepsis.

Areas Of Expertise

Critical care Critical care medicine Antibiotic resistance Critical care and intensive care medicine Sepsis Antimicrobial resistance

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