Lixian Zhong, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmacy, Academic Institute
Houston Methodist


Dr. Zhong is an Assistant Professor of Rangel College of Pharmacy. Her research interest lies at the intersection of science, medicine and economics to assess clinical, economic and humanistic values of medical interventions and she conducts research on the costs and outcomes associated with pharmaceutical products.

She holds a Ph.D in Pharmacology and an M.A. in Economics from Duke University. She completed her post-doctoral fellowship training in Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes research from University of California, San Francisco. She has conducted research in academic, international organization and industry settings.

Description of Research

Dr. Zhong has conducted research using clinical trial data, real world data, large survey data and economic modeling to study cost-effectiveness of new interventions for cancer and neurological diseases. Since joining Texas A&M University as an assistant professor at the College of Pharmacy in 2015, she is conducting research in: evaluating utilization, costs and outcomes associated with medications and other health care services in patients with chronic diseases, health disparity, cost-effectiveness of new interventions, drug pricing and reimbursement.


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