Khurram Nasir, MD, MPH

Professor of Cardiology, Academic Institute
Jerold B. Katz Investigator, Academic Institute
Full Clinical Member, Research Institute
Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Prevention and Wellness, Department of Cardiology
Co-director, Center for Outcomes Research
Houston Methodist


Dr. Nasir received his MD from Pakistan, followed by a MPH at John Hopkins University. Dr. Nasir completed his internal medicine residency at Boston Medical Center and cardiology fellowship at Yale University. He also received postdoctoral research training at the division of cardiology at Johns Hopkins Hospital and was recipient of NIH T-32 fellowship in cardiac imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital. He recently earned a Master’s degree in Health Economics and Policy Management from London School of Economics & Political Science.

Dr. Nasir serves as Associate Editor for Circulation: Quality of Care and Outcomes, editorial board member for Circulation as well on the board of directors for American Society of Preventive Cardiology (ASPC). He was honored with the Johns Hopkins Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2013, which acknowledges alumni who have typified Johns Hopkins tradition of excellence and brought credit to the University by their personal accomplishments, professional achievements, or humanitarian service

Dr. Nasir has over 500 peer-reviewed articles which are published in top journals such as Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, Archives of Internal Medicine, Circulation, Journal of American College of Cardiology and European Heart Journal. Dr. Nasir has lectured extensively throughout the world on coronary arthrosclerosis, cardiac imaging and prevention.

Description of Research

Dr. Nasir’s area of expertise in preventive cardiology involves the identification of high-risk individuals — those likely to have a heart attack or stroke. His research helps to identify the at-risk population so that treatments may be targeted to them.


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