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Johanna Marietta Clewing, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Academic Institute
Associate Program Director, Department of Medicine
Houston Methodist
Weill Cornell Medical College


Dr. Clewing is a board-certified Internist who joined the Department of Medicine in 2009 as an academic hospitalist. She currently serves as Associate Residency Program Director and the Clerkship Director for the Department of Medicine. Dr. Clewing received her medical degree from “Freie Universität” in Berlin, Germany and completed a few years of medical training in Germany before she joined the residency program in internal medicine at Jacobi-Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York. Upon graduation in 2009, she received the Ambulatory Care Resident of the Year Award. Dr. Clewing has a strong interest in medical education and humanism and contributes to the training of many learners in various roles. She still serves as teaching faculty on the University Teaching Service, is a member of the Residency Evaluation Committee and the Resident Mentorship Program, serves on various committees for Texas A&M, College of Medicine, and is a mentor for the medical students on our campus.

Throughout her career, Dr. Clewing had a strong interest in clinical and experimental research resulting in various publications and national and international presentations. Prior to entering her residency program, Dr. Clewing held a research appointment in genetics at Baylor College of Medicine. During her 11 years with Houston Methodist, Dr. Clewing has received several teaching and mentorship awards for her contributions in graduate and postgraduate medical training. In July 2019, Dr. Clewing was inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Medical Educators of Texas A&M, College of Medicine. In 2020, Dr. Clewing was the recipient of the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award for the College of Medicine, Texas A&M.

Education & Training

Residency, Saint Marien Krankenhaus
Internship, Klinkum Nuekolin - Charite
MD, Freien Universitat Berlin

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