Faisal N. Masud, MD, FCCP, FCCM

Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology, Academic Institute
Mary A. and M. Samuel Daffin, Sr. Centennial Chair in Anesthesia and Critical Care, Houston Methodist
Weill Cornell Medical College


Dr. Faisal Masud serves as Board Member, Houston Methodist Board of Directors, and Medical Director of Center for Critical Care at Houston Methodist Hospital System overseeing 8 hospitals ICU’s and V-ICU. He also serves as Vice Chair for Quality and Patient Safety, the Associate Quality Officer, and Medical Director, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center. He is Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology, Weill Cornell Medical College, Professor of Anesthesiology at Houston Methodist Institute of Academic Medicine, and Professor in the department of Acute & Continuing Care at UT-Houston. He received his training at Duke University Medical Center and Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Among his many awards are Presidential Gold Medal. He has been the recipient of the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching four times, the Dean H. Morrow Resident Mentor Award in 2001, and the most prestigious Fulbright & Jaworski Faculty Excellence Award in Educational Leadership. He was elected a member of the Academy of Distinguished Educators at Baylor College of Medicine. He received Association of Professional in Infection Control (APIC) National award for Heroes in Infection Prevention 2010. He is also recipient of the Overstreet Award for exemplifying best of medical profession.

Dr. Masud's leadership resulted in great improvements in patient care and clinical outcomes, in patient safety & quality, sepsis control, central line infections, ventilator associated pneumonia, surgical site infections, blood transfusions, pharmacy etc. resulting hundreds of lives saved and millions of dollar in cost savings.

His focus is improving healthcare in underdeveloped health systems in less developed countries and has been doing volunteer work to improve healthcare in vulnerable areas for many years. He is also the Board Member of Shifa USA a Houston based charitable organization providing free medical and dental care, women shelter etc.

He has many research projects, publications and is an invited faculty at multiple local, state, national meetings and international conferences and meetings including Canada, Malaysia, Israel, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Areas Of Expertise

Reducing sepsis Infection control Cardiac critical care Patient safety and quality COVID-19
Education & Training

Clinical Fellowship, Duke University Medical Center
Clinical Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Residency, Monmouth Medical Center Program
Internship, Frankford Hospital
Clinical Fellowship, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
MD, The Rawalpundi Medical College

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