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Dan Peer, PhD

Full Affiliate Member, Research Institute
Houston Methodist


Triggered ferroptotic polymer micelles for reversing multidrug resistance to chemotherapy
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Leukocyte-specific siRNA delivery revealing IRF8 as a potential anti-inflammatory target
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Therapeutic mRNA delivery to leukocytes
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Challenges in IBD Research: Novel Technologies
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Reprogramming the lymphocyte axis for advanced immunotherapy
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Systemic modulation of lymphocyte subsets using siRNAs delivered via targeted lipid nanoparticles
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Progress and challenges towards targeted delivery of cancer therapeutics
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Gene Silencing in the Right Place at the Right Time
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A modular platform for targeted RNAi therapeutics
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Focus on RNA interference: From nanoformulations to in vivo delivery
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Hierarchical theranostic nanomedicine: MRI contrast agents as a physical vehicle anchor for high drug loading and triggered on-demand delivery
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Personalized Hydrogels for Engineering Diverse Fully Autologous Tissue Implants
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Engineering lymphocytes with RNAi
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Next-Generation Lipids in RNA Interference Therapeutics
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Emerging Trends in Micro- and Nanoscale Technologies in Medicine: From Basic Discoveries to Translation
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Comprehensive and Systematic Analysis of the Immunocompatibility of Polyelectrolyte Capsules
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