Constance M. Mobley, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Institute for Academic Medicine
Houston Methodist
Weill Cornell Medical College


Outcomes of Liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) beyond the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) criteria: a single center experience
Victor, DW, Monsour, HP, Boktour, M, Lunsford, K, Balogh, J, Graviss, EA, Nguyen, DT, McFadden, R, Divatia, MK, Heyne, K, Ankoma-Sey, V, Egwim, C, Galati, J, Duchini, A, Saharia, A, Mobley, C, Gaber, AO & Ghobrial, RM 2019, Transplantation.

Survival and Recidivism in Patients Undergoing Early Liver Transplant for Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis: A Single Center Analysis
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Pre-Transplant Serum Chemokines As Biomarkers for Prediction of Futility Following Liver Transplantation in High Acuity Recipients
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Liver transplantation for locally advanced intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma treated with neoadjuvant therapy: a prospective case-series
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Management of the critically ill liver failure patient: Surpassing our limitations to reach transplantation
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Impact of Pretransplant Bridging Locoregional Therapy for Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Within Milan Criteria Undergoing Liver Transplantation: Analysis of 3601 Patients from the US Multicenter HCC Transplant Consortium
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Strongyloides stercoralis in solid organ transplantation: early diagnosis gets the worm
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Optimizing Survival Outcomes for Advanced Age Patients Undergoing Liver Transplant
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Risk Analysis of Patients with Proven Coronary Artery Disease Undergoing Liver Transplant
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Intraoperative Laparoscopic Near-Infrared Fluorescence Cholangiography to Facilitate Anatomical Identification: When to Give Indocyanine Green and How Much
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Portable device for the analysis of liver function: A boon to liver surgery and critical care
Mobley, CM & Zarrinpar, A 2016, Expert Review of Medical Devices, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 1-4.

Post-Transplant Length of Stay and Discharge Disposition Is Impacted By Pre-Transplant Location But Not Transplant Survival
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Muscle Mass Measurement is Objective and More Predictive of Expected Mortality than Functional Status in High MELD Liver Transplant Recipients
Victor, III, DW, Nolte, JV, Gordon Burroughs, S, Mobley, CM, Yu, N, Hirase, T, Saharia, A, Rajaraman, A, Moore, LW, Gaber, AO & Ghobrial, RM.

Molecular and Cellular Basis of Liver Failure
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Iatrogenic pancreatic cyst perforation successfully managed by a minimally invasive combined endoscopic-laparoscopic approach
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The Rous sarcoma virus long terminal repeat promoter is regulated by TFII-I
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Role of the transcription start site core region and transcription factor YY1 in rous sarcoma virus long terminal repeat promoter activity
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