Arthur W. Zieske, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology and Genomic Medicine, Academic Institute
Houston Methodist
Weill Cornell Medical College


Dr. Zieske received both his MS in Physiology and his MD from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSU-HSC), where he also completed his residency in anatomic and clinical pathology. After his residency, he joined the faculty at LSU-HSC as an assistant professor, and in 2003, began a hematopathology fellowship at Yale University School of Medicine. After his fellowship training and a brief time in private practice, he returned to LSU-HSC as an associate professor of Pathology, where he worked until he joined Houston Methodist Hospital in 2011. He currently serves as associate medical director of hematopathology, and medical director for the hematology section of the core lab. He is also associate director of our resident and fellow training program in clinical pathology. 

Dr. Zieske is a general surgical pathologist with subspecialty certification in hematopathology. He is board certified in both anatomic and clinical pathology. 

Description of Research

Dr. Zieske's research focuses on investigating the pathological and biological determinants of atherosclerosis. 


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