Houston Methodist Care Everywhere

Houston Methodist Care Everywhere provides a fast and secure way for your doctor and other health care providers to exchange your most up-to-date health information. In a matter of minutes, your Houston Methodist health care team can access and share information electronically, providing you with safer, more coordinated care.

Houston Methodist Care Everywhere improves your care

With access to your health history, including lab and test reports, medications, allergies and previous procedures, your caregivers have a more complete picture of your health. Houston Methodist Care Everywhere helps to ensure the right medications are prescribed and unnecessary duplication of tests and procedures may be avoided — saving you time, money and worry.
You may also spend less time completing repetitive paperwork, reducing opportunities for error and expediting time with a doctor. 

Houston Methodist Care Everywhere protects your privacy

Houston Methodist takes every precaution to keep your records private and secure. Only health care providers involved with your care can access your medical information.

Houston Methodist Care Everywhere is safe and secure

Your health records are protected under federal and state privacy laws, and the access to, use and disclosure of such records complies with these laws. The information shared through Houston Methodist Care Everywhere is electronically transmitted via secure technology. 

Houston Methodist Care Everywhere lets you control your information
If you do not want your medical information to be accessible to health care providers through Houston Methodist Care Everywhere, you may choose to opt out by requesting an Opt-Out Request Form from any Houston Methodist Registration Desk or by visiting the Houston Methodist website.
Your choice to opt out will not affect your ability to access medical care.
Opting out will not prevent your caregivers from sharing your health information with entities when necessary for public health or research purposes that are permitted or required by state and federal law. Likewise, providers may still request and receive your medical information from another caregiver through other methods permitted by law.

If you do not want to participate in Houston Methodist Care Everywhere, please print and sign the Opt-Out Request Form.

Opt-Out Request Form

If you wish to cancel your previous request to opt-out of participation in Houston Methodist Care Everywhere, please print, complete and sign the Reinstatement Form.

Reinstatement Form