Visual Art

Houston Methodist West Pavilion crosswalk decorated with nature photographs and short words such as "courage"

The Center for Performing Arts Medicine visual arts program purposefully integrates visual art into the healing environment of Houston Methodist.

Visual Art and Design are powerful factors in creating a healing environment. Guided by evidence-based design principles of evaluation and research, visual arts at Houston Methodist brightens the physical space with a collection of over 500 photographs from employees, volunteers, and physicians.

Along with interactive art programs for staff and volunteer-led art carts improving the patient experience, the visual arts support Houston Methodist’s holistic and personalized approach to care and wellness.


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Healing Arts Exhibition

For over 15 years, the Healing Arts Exhibition has been a unique benefit for Houston Methodist employees, physicians, and volunteers. The Healing Arts Exhibition series promotes health and healing through the beauty, harmony and eloquence of photography.

This program provides a creative outlet for staff expression, highlighting the talent of our Houston Methodist employees system-wide and connecting patients and visitors with their caregivers in a more personalized way. Arts programs like this have been shown to reduce burnout, fatigue and medical error by encouraging employees to take time outside of work for themselves and relax by making art.

This year's exhibition Interconnected features 32 Houston Methodist artists. A system-wide vote was held to select the First, Second, and Third place images along with 10 artists awarded honorable mention. This exhibition is on view in Dunn Tower in the Healing Arts gallery on the 2nd floor crosswalk overlooking Crain Garden and features 35 images selected from over 1,000 submissions this year. You can also tour the virtual gallery of the exhibition and see all of the artwork that was submitted this year.


Congratulations to the Award Winners!


1st Place Award

Carmen Mologne, RN BSN-RNC OB

Colorful Canoes


2nd Place Award

Riddhi Shah, BSN, RN

Golden Peaks


3rd Place Award

Rebecca Escobedo, RN

Maple Fire


Honorable Mention

Elizabeth Acevedo

Owl by the Pool

HM Greenbriar

Honorable Mention

Moira Alva

In the deep


Honorable Mention

Andrea Duchini, MD

Reflections on Oil


Honorable Mention

Johanan Hsu, MD

Starry Sky


Honorable Mention

Christopher King

Cherry Refuge


Honorable Mention

Ronald Malit, RN



Honorable Mention

Paul Nguyen

Takaokabashi Bridge

HM Holly Hall

Honorable Mention

Pablo L. Padilla, MD

Rock Faces


Honorable Mention

Hanh Pham

Peaceful Moments


Honorable Mention

Majesca Wong

Drifting Together



Journey to Wellness 

Journey to Wellness, an installation on the third to fourth floor crosswalk of Houston Methodist’s West Pavilion, is specifically designed to address the aesthetic and clinical goals of the Rehab floors by local Houston design firm Core Design.


The photography, selected by West Pavilion staff, showcases artwork from the Healing Arts collection. Set at measured intervals, the photographs, imagery and words serve as motivation for patients and markers for therapists utilizing the hallway for their therapeutic goals. Click here to learn more about how the West Pavilion redesign helped address unit clinical and aesthetic goals with large-scale artwork.

Art Cart

CPAM offers many art experiences for patients, including volunteer-run art carts that visit patients at the bedside and waiting rooms.

The ARTcare Art Cart provides Houston Methodist patients with a fun and easy art activity in a care package, while the Pick Your Peace Art Cart allows patients in the Inpatient Rehab unit the opportunity to choose artwork from the Healing Arts Collection to install in their room.

Art Cart volunteers provide patients a moment of healing and positive distraction from their current situations.

Interactive Art Programs for Employees

Employees are regularly invited to participate in the arts and express their contribution to the healing environment at Houston Methodist. CPAM is committed to creating opportunities for community-engaged art and work that is created in dialogue with participation from our community.

Community-engaged art supports CPAM’s commitment of encouraging employees to purposefully engage with the arts as a tool for self-expression. Click here to learn about and see projects that exemplify that commitment and showcase how professional artists and arts organizations partner with CPAM to create meaningful, beautiful pieces.