GLobal Learner Testimonies 

At Houston Methodist Global we are proud to continue a long standing tradition of talented learners from all over the globe. We value our learners and our learners often want to share their experience. Here is what they have to say: 


"During my Global Observership Program at Houston Methodist, I was welcomed by their friendly staff, led step-by-step through the program, and highly impressed by their state-of-art Neuroscience institute. Dr. Paul Holman was an outstanding mentor who showed exceptional bedside manner and simplified complex information into understandable terms for his patients. Under his tutelage, I learned many surgical indications, spine MRI interpretations, and mobile use of advanced spinal surgical technologies. He is truly a leader in the field of spine surgery, and I was able to hone my expertise under his guidance. I highly valued my full experience at Houston Methodist Hospital. Muchas Gracias!" 

Dr. Miguel Vega-Arroyo, Clinical Advancement Program (Fall 2019) 

National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Mexico City, Mexico


"It is an excellent course. I highly recommend this course. It is really global, extremely scientific, well-organized and gives us the opportunity to be exposed to experts in leadership." 

Dr. Alya Almutairi, Global Transformational Leadership Program (Fall 2019) 

Saudi Ministry of Defense


"Houston Methodist is one of the top-notch global healthcare organizations with longstanding history in different healthcare service aspects as educational, curative, and leadership. I was amazed with this experience and what I saw." 

Mushabab Alasmri, Global Transformational Leadership Program (Fall 2019)

Saudi Ministry of Health 


"Houston Methodist is an environment that gives you two things: energy and inspiration." 

Saleh Alomeer, Global Transformational Leadership Program (Fall 2019) 

Saudi Ministry of Health 


"It is a must experience that any administrator should take."

Arturo Barahona, I LEAD Program (Summer 2019) 

Director of Quality and Clinical Attention, TecSalud Health Institutions, Mexico


"I found the program extremely insightful. Will really help me develop new porjects in my area. Everyone was willing and kind. 

Melissa Hinojosa, I LEAD Program (Summer 2019)

Head of Marketing Communications, TecSalud Health Institutions, Mexico 


"A great experience talking to the Houston Methodist Hospital leaders. Tons of information shared."

Oscar Ramos I LEAD Program (Summer 2019)

Director of Operations, San Jose Hospital, Mexico 


"A solid theoretical foundation and skill, a perfect experience." 

Dr. Li Jui, Clinical Advancement Program (Spring 2018) 

Anesthesiologist, Qingdao Municipal Hospital, China 


"It was my pleasure to be one of participants in the leadership program under the supervision of Houston Methodist. I'm proud that I met  with professional lecturers who assisted me and improved my knowledge and my abilities to move forward in my career. All experiences gained from this unique program will be used in SCFHS and to train all employees targeted. 
Thanks to Houston Methodist for their efforts and for excellent organization. Special thanks to the global training and education department in HM." 

Saeed Alenezi, Global Transformational Leadership Program (Spring, 2018) 

Collaboration Director, Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS)


"The Houston Methodist Global Transformational Leadership program is a beautiful, concentrated, and valuable educational experience. It's given me the opportunity  to meet key members of leadership within the Methodist Hospital network. Flexibility and variety of the areas in the  program provided me the chance to answer all questions coming up during the program. It created and built up an environment of engagement for me throughout the lectures and workshops.I have learned more skills in how to sustain achievements and inspire teams throughout my organization." 

Ali Ibrahim Alqahtani, Global Transformational Leadership Program (Spring, 2018) 

CEO, Khamis Mushait General Hospital, Saudi Arabia


"It was my pleasure to join the Houston Methodist Global Transformational Leadership Program; it was a great program in which I learned a lot and was exposed to a fantastic health care system which provides excellent services to the customers. I will transfer what I got from Methodist to my own institutions. I hope to come back again to learn more." 

Dr. Sultan Saud Alshaya, Global Transformational Leadership Program (Spring, 2018) 

Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia 


"An intense and comprehensive deep dive that lets you know how far you can go."

Jorge  Lopez, Managing to Engage and Inspire, I LEAD Program (Fall 2017)  

CEO San Jose Hospital, Mexico 


"Provides exposure to a unique patient population and learning from top leaders in the field with a unique way of thinking and a new view of patient care and immense value of exposure to a different culture."  

Imad Btaiche, Pharmacy Residency Program (Fall 2017) 

Dean, School of Pharmacy, Lebanese American University, Lebanon 


"The staff at Houston Methodist were extremely welcoming and supportive. Our students revealed that it was a remarkable and wonderful learning experience for them, and they returned home feeling positively inspired and empowered in their field of study."

Polly Li , Clinical Advancement Program (Fall 2017)

Assistant Professor, The Nethersol School of Nursing 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong 


"A month of intense professional learning with many opportunities for activities, experiences and discussions with the team. Staff willing to help me when needed, highlighting Christiane Perme as mentor, PT Rajashere and PTA Ana as support in my great experience."

Jessica Gonzalez, Clinical Advancement Program

Physical Therapy in Acute Care, Hans Dieter Shmidt Regional Hospital, Brazil


"I loved my experience in HMH, learned a lot from nursing leadership and was able to craft a new road map to help improve our nursing department and deliver a higher quality of care to our patients and their families. It also helped me create a template for the patient experience to utilize in our  own organization." 

Sawsan Falatah, The Patient Experience, I LEAD Program (Fall 2017) 

Nursing Manager, King Abdullah Center for Oncology & Liver Disease, Saudi Arabia 


"This was a great experience for me to learn different techniques to improve quality and add to the hospital experience." 
Manhal Al Qurashi, The Patient Experience, I LEAD Program (Fall 2017) 

Clinical Quality Specialist for Allied Health

King Abdullah Center for Oncology & Liver Disease, Saudi Arabia