Abdul-Jabbar Khan, MBBS

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Institute for Academic Medicine
Houston Methodist
Weill Cornell Medical College

Education & Training

Clinical Fellowship, Baylor College of Medicine
Residency, Mercy Hospital and Medical Center-Chicago
MD, Rawalpindi Medical College

Management of transposed arteriovenous fistula swing point stenosis at the basilic vein angle of transposition by stent grafts
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Percutaneous Thrombectomy of AVF: Immediate Success and Long-term Patency Rates
Nassar, GM, Rhee, E, Khan, AJ, Nguyen, B, Achkar, K & Beathard, G 2015, Seminars in Dialysis, vol 28, no. 2, pp. E15-E22. DOI: 10.1111/sdi.12336

Outcomes of Arteriovenous Grafts Following Simultaneous Thrombectomy and Stent Graft Placement Across the Venous Anastomosis
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A truncated-dose regimen of daclizumab for prevention of acute rejection in kidney transplant recipients: A single-center experience
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