Nantz National Alzheimer Center

Nantz National Alzheimer Center

Alzheimer's is one of the most common neurodegenerative diseases, robbing those affected of their independence, cherished memories, and, ultimately, their lives.
Since its inception in 2011, the Nantz National Alzheimer Center (NNAC) has become a world-renowned research and referral center, treating thousands of patients each year. Its goals: 

  • prevent Alzheimer’s disease,
  • slow memory loss progression and
  • improve the quality of life for every patient. 

The NNAC provides an environment of comprehensive, compassionate care for patients and their families. The center's interdisciplinary team thoroughly evaluates each patient to ensure all reversible medical conditions causing memory loss, including hydrocephalus, vascular disease and sleep disorders, are diagnosed and treated. This approach has resulted in dramatic improvements in quality of life for many patients. 

Research to Discover New Treatments

To give hope to patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other frequent causes of memory loss, the NNAC is vigorously pursuing research to discover new treatments. Excelling in the use of clinical and research imaging biomarkers, the NNAC has contributed important scientific information relevant to treatment. Multiple preclinical and clinical studies are proceeding to evaluate various approaches and new medications aimed at delaying the progression of the disease or stopping its course.

Key discoveries in the NNAC include: 

Decoding Alzheimer's to Hinder its Growth

At Houston Methodist, we’re studying proteins in the brain and genes, to better understand how we can prevent, slow—and one day stop— Alzheimer’s. We’re transforming the way we approach it, so future generations can live without it. Learn more

New Alzheimer's Drug: 4 Things to Know About Lecanemab

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New Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease Approved by the FDA

Please follow this link to learn more about a new FDA-approved drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease.


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Nantz National Alzheimer Center