Department of Medicine: Our Vision

Eleftherios Mylonakis, MD, PhD, FIDSA, FAAM
Chair, Department of Medicine
Charles and Anne Duncan Presidential Distinguished Chair


The common guiding force to provide exceptional care, support and educate our trainees and each other, advance a diverse and supportive environment, and create new knowledge differentiates the Houston Methodist family and permeates our Department of Medicine.  Our vision is of a "diverse and inclusive Department that provides unparalleled care in a seamless continuum, teaches the next generation of leaders in clinical and investigational Medicine, and transforms care through discoveries that seamlessly move 'from bench to bedside to bench' and from there to society."


Centered on Houston Methodist's "I CARE" values - Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence - our goal is to create a positive, supportive, and inclusive environment and to remain steadfast in the pursuit of clinical and academic excellence.  Our priority remains to provide unparalleled care to our patients, which motivates us to be innovative and proactive in our approach and to leverage data to inform our decision making and optimize patient outcomes.  It also requires that we foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork, where everyone works together to prioritize what is best for our patients and our community.


Our approach is guided by the need to "pay it forward" and advance our teaching programs, preparing the next generation of healthcare providers to meet the challenges of the future.  We demonstrate this commitment by investing in our educational programs and by building partnerships and creating new collaborations that allow us to share our expertise with others.  We also strive to make a broader impact by advancing paradigm-shifting research that has an actionable clinical impact.  This includes our traditional research activities, as well as the development and implementation of new treatments and technologies and the exploration of new areas of inquiry.  By leveraging our expertise and the expanding resources of the Department of Medicine and the Research Institute, we can make new discoveries and drive innovation in the field of medicine.