Patient Stories

Transplant Patients Share Their Inspiring Stories
Every transplant is a unique experience of hope that can bring reassurance to thousands of others. Many who have undergone transplants at Houston Methodist have shared their story. Whether you are a patient, a living donor or a patient’s loved one, your journey of hope and healing can raise awareness about this life-giving gift and bring reassurance to those who are currently waiting for a transplant.

A Living Gift: Kidney Transplant

  • Dawn Dupree traveled all the way from England to have her kidney transplant at Houston Methodist. 
  • Marcy Shipp saved three lives by donating a kidney through the Houston Methodist donor swap program.
  • Candace Wathan had suffered from diabetes since childhood and got a new lease on life through a kidney-pancreas transplant.
  • Kenneth King received the most loving and life-changing gift a spouse could give: a new kidney from his wife, Angie.


A Brand New Beat: Heart Transplant


Giving the Breath of Life: Lung Transplant 


A New Chance at Life: Liver Transplant

  • Leslie Dial was diagnosed with cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. After four years, she received the call she'd been waiting for - a donor liver was ready.
  • Laura Criel found herself fighting to stay alive at age 23 when she received not one liver transplant but two — the second saved her life.
  • Kande Fogle is now cancer free after receiving a life-saving liver transplant. 
  • Tyrone Ivory now lives a life that does not revolve around sickness after receiving a heart-liver transplant.
  • Beverly Lanier is thankful for the treatment she received at Houston Methodist after undergoing a liver transplant to survive cancer.


A Bridge to Transplant: Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs)

  • Cloyd Powell, a retired soldier, received an LVAD device that helped bridge the gap until a donor heart became available.


New Hope for Diabetics: Islet Transplant 

  • Susan Bienduga suffered from chronic pancreatitis for more than 10 years; now an islet transplant lets her lead a pain-free life.