Our Team

Radiation oncologists have an extensive knowledge of the entire process of radiation therapy, from the diagnosis and biology of the cancer to the technological aspects of treatment. Our radiation oncologists consult with and lead the clinical team to plan and implement radiation treatment.


While our radiation oncologists each have their own specialties within radiation therapy, they are qualified to treat many different tumor sites. They also are involved in research, constantly advancing toward improved cancer treatment modalities. Our team also includes skilled and dedicated nursing, therapy, dosimetry, clerical and research staff.

E. Brian Butler, MD, Chair

Andrew M. Farach, MD
Mary S. Goswitz, MD
Waqar Haque, MD

Kathleen Mesbergen Shadle, MD
Peter Morgan, MD
Clive Shkedy, MD
Bin S. Teh, MD

Twisha Verma, MD