Kidney Transplant

Almost everyone is born with two kidneys, each about the size of a human fist. The kidneys filter waste from the blood and regulate the body’s balance of fluids. A transplant usually is recommended after the kidneys become diseased and can’t function. Patients in kidney failure because of certain conditions — hypertension, diabetes, cancer and chronic and polycystic kidney disease — may be considered for kidney transplant, even those who haven’t started dialysis.

A kidney may be donated from a living or deceased donor. Although a deceased donor’s kidney is a good option, a living donation is better because they tend to last longer. Other benefits of receiving a kidney transplant from a living donor include:
A reduced wait for transplantation, which typically can occur in less than six months.
The ability to better plan for transplantation and avoid or reduce time spent on dialysis.

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Houston Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center has one of Texas’ largest kidney transplant programs, performing hundreds of transplants annually. Our transplant team helps patients through all treatment stages, from diagnosis to transplant and recovery. Our kidney transplant team includes nephrologists, surgeons, pathologists, nurse coordinators, social workers, financial coordinators and dietitians who manage each patient’s case in the most effective and compassionate manner.

We continuously seek new and improved methods to treat kidney disease with clinical trials and research. Our groundbreaking, single-port laparoscopic approach allows for donor kidney removal through one small incision, speeding a donor’s recovery.

Following Transplantation
After transplantation, patients experience a better quality of life, improved health and more independence. They no longer require dialysis and have fewer dietary restrictions.

You will regularly be seen by your transplant team and follow a recommended schedule for lab tests and clinic visits to ensure your kidney is properly working.
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To learn about living donors and what to expect before and after kidney transplant surgery, view our Treatments and Procedures page.

Patient Stories
Perhaps the best way to learn about our transplant specialists is through our patients. We invite you to read these inspiring stories.


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