Multi-Organ Transplant

Multi-organ transplants are surgical procedures in which several diseased or failing organs are replaced with a healthy ones (from the same donor), usually in a continuous series of operations. Patients suffering from a variety of organ-specific and general disorders may be considered for a multi-organ transplant when all other treatments have failed to improve their conditions.

There are a number of different causes of multiple organ failure that may eventually lead to the need for a multi-organ transplant. One common cause is amyloidosis, a multisystem disease that develops after organs and tissues are infiltrated by abnormally shaped proteins.

At the Houston Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center, our transplant team is comprised of skilled leaders in the field of multi-organ transplant; we are home to one of the largest heart-lung transplant programs in the world. We offer a wide range of complex treatments and services designed to provide the best possible care for patients in need of multi-organ transplants.

Our transplant team members are experienced in performing complex serial or simultaneous transplant operations for most vital organs:
  • Heart (heart-lung, heart-liver, heart-kidney, heart-lung-liver)
  • Lung (heart-lung, lung-kidney, lung-liver, heart-lung-liver)
  • Liver (heart-liver, liver-pancreas, liver-kidney, lung-liver, heart-lung-liver)
  • Kidney (kidney-pancreas, liver-kidney, kidney-lung, heart-kidney)
  • Pancreas (kidney-pancreas, liver-pancreas)

Our commitment to research and innovation in advanced organ failure management and transplantation ensures patients will continue to receive the most innovative treatments for multi-organ transplants, including techniques to reduce transplant rejection, reduce the need for immunosuppressive drugs, advance stem cells and tissue regeneration and create synthetic transplants.

Patient Stories
Perhaps the best way to learn about our highly trained transplant specialists at Houston Methodist is through our patients. We invite you to read about their inspiring patient stories and their experience being a transplant patient at Houston Methodist.
  • Candace Wathan, who had suffered from diabetes since childhood, got a new lease on life through a kidney-pancreas transplant.
  • Tyrone Ivory is thankful for the gift of a heart and liver transplant.


Our doctors specialize in multi-organ transplants at the following locations: