Neural Navigation & Virtual-Reality

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Houston Methodist neurosurgeons implement sophisticated brain tumor imaging tools and devices that extend our expertise, helping us give our patients the best outcomes.

New techniques in neuro-navigation and virtual reality have revolutionized brain surgery — our neurosurgeons can locate and remove tumors from areas of the brain that were previously deemed unreachable. 


Houston Methodist’s novel virtual reality system offers an incredible level of precision to remove lesions and avoid damaging healthy nerves and brain tissue. Our neurosurgeons can visualize the patient’s specific anatomy and tumors in 3D using real-time imaging and advanced MRI overlays. 


During surgery, by simply touching the images on the 3D visualizations, we can zoom in and precisely navigate to and through the areas of the brain with an accuracy of 1 mm or less. This technique has revolutionized brain surgery and enables us to operate safely in many areas that were previously inaccessible.

Innovations in Neural Navigation

Watch a video about our BrainLab Navigation.

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