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Houston Methodist brain tumor surgeons use neuroendoscopy to illuminate — and increase the precision of — skull base tumor surgeries. The technology is an extension of our team’s unmatched neurosurgical skill.

Neuro-endoscopy has helped transform open brain tumor extraction surgeries into less invasive, highly precise procedures. A neuro endoscope is a slender, flexible, lighted rod with a camera on the end that provides neurosurgeons a clearer, real-time view of the brain in 1080p resolution. The camera has a wide field of view — with a mirror system allowing our neurosurgeons to see at a 90-degree angle. 


Houston Methodist neurology researchers have designed innovative neurosurgical endoscopes that are approximately one-tenth of an inch in diameter. Instead of a large incision, doctors place these small endoscopes through tiny natural pathways — such as the nostrils — into critical brain areas. 


Today, our world-class neurosurgeons can remove large, complex tumors through the sinuses that once were inaccessible without open surgery — all while improving precision and reducing our patients’ recovery time.

How an Endoscope Revolutionizes Neurosurgery

Watch our video to learn more about how we use endoscopes during neurosurgery.

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