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Houston Methodist’s neurosurgical OR provides a glimpse into the future of brain surgery. Explore the leading-edge technologies that support our world-class expertise.

Houston Methodist is home to a state-of-the-art neurosurgical operating room. Our OR is equipped with innovative, leading-edge technologies that uniquely position our team to provide more successful surgical outcomes. We are among the top neurosurgical training programs in the U.S. — our innovative surgeons can consult and educate neurologists around the world, live from Houston. 


Our multidisciplinary neurosurgical team can collaborate seamlessly, with access to multiple monitors that display the surgical procedure in real time. Additional monitors provide input from ultrasound, X-rays and other technologies used to guide these complex surgeries.   


Our integrated video technology displays multiple video inputs and outputs simultaneously. We can use a neuro endoscope and project pathways deep in the brain on one screen while displaying virtual-reality technology on another screen to help us navigate more precisely in critical brain areas.

Innovations in Advanced Operating Room Technology

Watch our video to learn more about the capabilities within our comprehensive neurosurgical OR.

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