Advances in Neurosurgical Operative Techniques

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Houston Methodist’s innovations in surgical operating room technologies revolutionize our ability to perform even the most complex surgeries with unmatched precision.

Houston Methodist neurosurgeons are national leaders in innovative, less invasive — but no less aggressive — brain tumor surgery. 


Advanced technology, combined with our expertise, results in high surgical success rates and outstanding patient satisfaction:


  • Microsurgical dissectors, manipulators and knives that provide precision within 1 mm
  • Neuro endoscope, a high-powered, lighted microscope that offers unparalleled surgical visualization deep inside the brain
  • Virtual reality system for real-time, image-guided tumor extraction
  • High-frequency ultrasound, which shatters a tumor without damaging surrounding tissue


All our neurosurgeons are specially trained in using the latest tools and techniques that remove problematic tissue while remaining extraordinarily gentle with nerve tissue. As one of the top neurosurgical training programs in the U.S., our specialized team trains the best and brightest neurosurgeons from around the world.

Innovations in the Operating Room

Take a virtual tour of some of the state-of-the-art technology and techniques you may encounter in our neurosurgical suite.

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