Division of Surgical Innovation

Aldona Spiegel, MD
Chief, Division of Surgical Innovation 

John F. Jr and Carolyn Bookout Chair in Surgical Innovation and Technology
Professor of Clinical Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical College 
Professor of Clinical Plastic Surgery, Houston Methodist Academic Institute 
Director, Center for Breast Restoration 
Adjunct Associate Professor, Texas A&M University 
Adjunct Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Rice University

OUR Vision

The vision of the Division of Surgical Innovation is to focus on improving patient outcomes and safety through the development and implementation of innovative surgical approaches and devices. The division strives to be a leader in the surgical innovation field, advancing the state-of-the-art in surgery and bringing new technologies and techniques to market. The division aims to be a resource for surgeons and other healthcare professionals, providing training and education programs to help them stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. The division's vision is to innovate the practice of surgery and make it safer and more effective for patients, continuing to be at the forefront of discovery and pioneering innovation from the world's leading surgery.


OUR Mission

The Division of Surgical Innovation is dedicated to bringing Surgical Innovation to the next level of excellence, a faculty-led initiative bringing together surgeons, bioengineers, and industry professionals to build tools that will improve patient care worldwide. This program will bring together exceptionally talented people who embrace an unparalleled level of collaboration. Its mission is to improve patient outcomes and safety by developing and implementing innovative surgical approaches and tools by conducting research, training, and working with industry partners to bring new products and techniques to market. The division will advocate for adopting new technologies and techniques within the organization and promoting their use to the broader medical community.

Strategic Priorities


  • Surgical Innovation Excellence
  • Culture of Innovation for Surgeons
  • Surgical Innovation Educational & Development Pathway
  • Collaboration & Community Integration
  • Promote Innovation through Discover and Research


Audrey R. Jones, MBA
Project Manager for Surgical Innovation 
Office : 346-238-4927