Abdominal Multi-Organ Transplant Fellowship

The Abdominal Multi-Organ Transplantation Fellowship provides trainees with comprehensive experience in the pre-, intra- and postoperative care of the transplant patient. Trainees will have a broad range of surgical, clinical and research experiences and will be involved in medical and surgical management of renal, pancreas and liver transplants, immunosuppression, critical care management, and the handling of medical and surgical complications. The overall goal of the program is to graduate trainees that can thrive in any modern transplant program and perform with exceptional skill the necessary functions of surgeon, researcher and educator.


This year we are pleased to announce our affiliation with The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. As part of our new ASTS/TACC HPB accreditation our fellows will have a dedicated two month HPB rotation at M.D. Anderson in the second year of fellowship, as well as longitudinal HPB didactic and outpatient experience. We believe this partnership with one of the largest cancer hospitals in the world is a strong addition to our program and will ensure that our fellows have the most well-rounded transplant/HPB experience available in the U.S.

Program Overview

Clinical Experience: The program provides clinical training in kidney/pancreas transplantation, and a year of liver transplantation/hepatobiliary surgery procedures. By the completion of the 24-month training program, the trainee will have a detailed understanding of complex multi-organ transplant procedures and associated complex care in vascular surgery, laboratory diagnosis and living donor procedures.

Research: The program in transplant immunobiology will provide significant experience in the field of clinical trial research. Currently there are multiple active clinical trials within the transplant program, in addition the trainees will get exposure into basic laboratory research and immunological methods.

Houston Methodist Hospital

Houston Methodist Hospital serves as the primary teaching hospital of the Abdominal Multi-Organ Transplant Fellowship Program which has state-of-the-art operating and intensive care unit facilities. These include operating suites in the Fondren, Dunn and Main buildings with over 45 operating suites and with laparoscopic, Robotic and endovascular facilities. Intensive care is provided to the transplant patients in the Dunn surgical suite with 30 beds and dedicated critical care certified and acute care surgery staff.  Approximately 430 transplant procedures are performed per year.

While training at Houston Methodist, fellows will have a broad exposure to many complex surgical disease processes. They will receive extensive operative experience 


Houston Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center

Houston Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center is one of our six centers of excellence. We are dedicated to providing outstanding care, resources and support to help patients and their families face organ and tissue transplant, as well as advanced organ failure management. 

We are one of the most comprehensive transplant centers in the United States. We offer direct access to state-of-the-art resources at Houston Methodist Hospital, named by U.S. News & World Report as one of the nation’s top hospitals and for the seventh year in a row as the No. 1 hospital in Texas. 

At the Houston Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center, our transplant team is comprised of skilled leaders in the field of multi-organ transplant; we are home to one of the largest heart-lung transplant programs in the world. We offer a wide range of complex treatments and services designed to provide the best possible care for patients in need of multi-organ transplants.

Our transplant team members are experienced in performing complex serial or simultaneous transplant operations for most vital organs:


  • Heart (heart-lung, heart-liver, heart-kidney, heart-lung-liver)
  • Lung (heart-lung, lung-kidney, lung-liver, heart-lung-liver)
  • Liver (heart-liver, liver-pancreas, liver-kidney, lung-liver, heart-lung-liver)
  • Kidney (kidney-pancreas, liver-kidney, kidney-lung, heart-kidney)
  • Pancreas (kidney-pancreas, liver-pancreas)

Our commitment to research and innovation in advanced organ failure management and transplantation ensures patients will continue to receive the most innovative treatments for multi-organ transplants, including techniques to reduce transplant rejection, reduce the need for immunosuppressive drugs, advance stem cells and tissue regeneration and create synthetic transplants.


Program Contact

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Tahitia Martin, BS

Fellowship Coordinator


Tel: (713) 363-9607 

Fax: 713.790-6472