department of
cardiovascular sciences

The mission of the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences is to generate great ideas that transform cardiovascular care. In support of this mission, the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences provides resources for scientists and clinical researchers with expertise in cardiovascular and stem cell biology, genetic engineering and lipid metabolism. This enables them to collaborate and translate discoveries into clinical advances. The department includes the Center for Cardiovascular Regeneration (CCR), which is focused on exploring mechanisms of pluripotency, cardiovascular differentiation and rejuvenation. Another important resource is the RNAcore, which provides mmRNA constructs for induction of pluripotency, directed differentiation, and telomere extension.

The Houston Methodist culture of innovation is rooted in the noble tradition of translational medicine practiced by the renowned cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey, whose innovations in cardiovascular surgery at Houston Methodist revolutionized patient care around the world. This work is being continued to date by our physicians and scientists who are advancing the practice of cardiovascular medicine, cardiothoracic surgery, and vascular surgery.
chair, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences

John P. Cooke, MD, PhD
Joseph C. “Rusty” Walter and Carole Walter Looke Presidential Distinguished Chair in Cardiovascular Disease Research 
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