The RNAcore at the Houston Methodist Research Institute is staffed by experienced scientists, who produce high-fidelity research- and clinical-grade RNA, including mRNA, modified mRNA (mmRNA), and noncoding RNA, for the support of fundamental research and clinical applications.

The RNAcore is emerging as a leader in RNA synthesis, generating RNA constructs for the scientific and medical communities in the Texas Medical Center and across the world. Beginning as a core group for the Progenitor Cell Biology Consortium of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, the RNAcore is now also supported in part by the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas, to further the development of cutting edge RNA technologies.

rna Manufacturing Services

The RNAcore provides services for the development and generation of high-fidelity RNA for any gene/loci of interest.  With efficient and fast construct generation, we can provide a wide range of generic or personalized RNA molecules for any desired species, with specified modifications. 

Synthesis of high-fidelity research- and clinical-grade RNA, including:
  • mRNA
  • Modified mRNA (mmRNA)
  • Customized bicistronic constructs
  • Constructs with reporter genes
  • Long noncoding RNA
  • Small RNA: probes, miRNA, CRISPR guide RNA

Generation of RNA molecules using following methods:
  • Research-grade
  • Research-grade, HPLC-purified
  • GLP-grade
  • cGMP-grade

Analytical Services

The RNAcore also provides services for assessing the purity, integrity and identity of in-vitro transcribed RNA, following GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) guidelines.  The following assays are provided on a fee-for-service basis:

  1. Detection of aromatic organic compounds by A260/280 ratio (UV Spectrophotometry)
  2. Nucleic acid purity by A260/230 ratio (UV Spectrophotometry)
  3. Nucleic acid concentration by A260 (UV Spectrophotometry)
  4. Nucleic acid integrity by Bioanalyzer (microfluidic electrophoresis)
  5. Identity of DNA plasmid by restriction digest analysis (Diagnostic Digestion)
  6. Efficiency of plasmid linearization by Bioanalyzer (microfluidic electrophoresis)
  7. Sequence verification of plasmid DNA by Sequencing
  8. Sequence verification of RNA by RT-PCR and Sequencing
  9. Integrity and purity assessment by HPLC
  10. Impurity assessment of Residual Template DNA by qPCR
  11. Impurity assessment of Residual E. coli DNA by qPCR
The RNAcore can offer guidance on RNA transfection, including liposomal and electroporation-mediated approaches. To download the RNAcore Standard Operating Procedure for liposomal transfection of RNA, click the link: Delivery of IVT-RNA to Eukaryotic Cells by Liposome-Mediated Transfection

To learn more about the RNAcore and to request services or a quote, contact us directly, download our brochure or place your order through iLab Solutions.