Patient Education

Today, one in five Americans is affected with a neurological disorder, including stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, brain tumors and spinal disorders; those numbers are increasing. This upward trend will continue as our elderly population grows dramatically over the next three decades.

At Houston Methodist, we are and have been a leader in the field of neurosciences, delivering comprehensive patient care, innovative research and renowned academic programs. Through the integration of specialties, our neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, physical therapists, speech therapists, scientists and technologists treat the most complex neurological disorders while providing personalized care, from diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation.

We are committed to involving you in your care or in the care of your loved ones. To make you a part of your own health care team, we provide resources so you can educate yourself on your neurological condition and so you can connect with the various support agencies and organizations that will help you continue with a successful recovery and transition after your or a family member’s individualized medical treatment:

  • Diseases and disorders that affect your brain and nervous system such as stoke or Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Life-threatening conditions like brain tumors or a brain aneurysm that may require surgery
  • Trauma-related conditions such as concussion or injury to the spine
  • Movement disorder diseases like Parkinson’s disease or Huntington’s disease that may affect your children
  • Life-dominating diseases like epilepsy and pain syndromes such as complex regional pain syndrome that can be alleviated
  • Relatively benign conditions like restless leg syndrome, stuttering and chronic headaches that can be cured
  • Neuromuscular disorders such as multiple sclerosis , muscular dystrophy and ALS

Explore this list of resources we have compiled to help you learn about your condition, treatment options, ongoing research projects and the support services that may be available to you and your family: