Speech & Language Center

The Houston Methodist Speech & Language Center offers world-class care for complex neurological conditions that affect voice and speech. Our board-certified specialists are leaders in the field, providing personalized care backed by the latest research and technology. 

We understand the fear and frustration that comes when your voice and ability to communicate is compromised. At Houston Methodist, our compassionate specialists diagnose and treat even the most complex neurological disorders that affect voice and speech, such as:  


  • Aphasia (loss of ability to speak, write or understand language)  
  • Apraxia  
  • Dysarthria  
  • Dysphonia 
  • Stuttering 


Voice and speech symptoms can arise after traumatic brain injuries or can be caused by serious neurological conditions, such as stroke or brain tumors. Often, speech and language issues are related to progressive, neurodegenerative conditions, such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease

At Houston Methodist, a team of experts will get to know you, investigate the cause of your symptoms and partner with you to create the right treatment plan. Patients and families can expect exceptional care — from diagnosis through treatment and beyond — at our world-class Speech & Language Center. 

Meet Our Medical Director

David B. Rosenfield, MD, directs the Speech & Language Center, as well as the EMG and Motor Control Laboratory at the Houston Methodist Hospital.

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Houston Methodist is leading the way in research to find innovative treatment options for neurological conditions.

Speech and Language Center