News and Events

Dr. Kaifu Chen's guests visit the Texas Medical Center

Weizhou Medical University Visit

Dr. Kaifu Chen invited his colleagues from Weizhou Medical University to visit HMRI. The delegation was headed by Dr. Yu, (to Dr. Cookes' left) chancellor of Weizhou Medical University. Weizhou Med University trains 25,000 health professionals annually and is looking to establish an educational collaboration with HMRI. 

Dr. John Cooke Gives a Talk at Fudan University, China

Dr. Cooke speaking at Heart Forum

Dr. Cooke spoke at the 10th Kowloon Heart Forum in Suzhou on "The Fluidity of Cell Fate in Regeneration, and Response to Injury:  Epigenetic Mechanisms"

Dr. Cooke and Dr. Ge at Heart Forum

With Dr Ge, President of Chinese Cardiovascular Association

Musicians at Heart Forum Banquet

After Dr. Cooke's lecture in Suzhou, there was entertainment at the meeting banquet