Neural Development and Tools

In this research area, laboratories apply molecular and systems approaches to discover how the brain is wired using genetic models, stem cells, or neural organoids and neuromodulation to dissect the molecular pathways in glia and neurons that build the nervous system.

Neural Innervation and Organ Engineering

In this research area, laboratories share a common bio-engineering approach to create organ model systems including bone, bowel, vascular, and tissue-level system for modeling or therapeutic resources.

Nervous System and Peripheral Organ Disorders

In this research area, laboratories develop and apply system-level models of nervous system and peripheral organ disorders, with a particular focus on the basis for disease or injury (e.g. musculoskeletal system, pain, neural trauma, and degenerative disease).

Clinical Applications/Rotation

This faculty group brings a much needed and rare exposure to real-world diseases, clinical challenges, and human samples.