How to Apply

The NeuralCODR program was designed to fill a critical gap in post-graduate training by providing postdoctoral fellows with the support and training opportunities that come almost standard in graduate education. Specifically, the NeuralCODR program emphasizes the need for:

  1. Increased interdisciplinary training opportunities
  2. Increased mentorship and oversight beyond the host Principal Investigator
  3. Reducing the training period and emphasizing career choices early, and
  4. Stimulating and providing resources for postdoctoral fellows to interact with their peers.

Eligibility Requirements to be a Fellow

  • United States citizen or permanent resident

Program Summary

  • NeuralCODR postdoctoral fellows receive annual stipends based on NIH standards, reimbursement for health insurance, and a budget for conference and workshop travel.
  • NeuralCODR postdoctoral fellows are appointed for two years.

Application Requirements for Fellow Candidates

  • Completed application form: Click here for application. 
  • Research Proposal (2-page limit)
    • Must be based on either a) one of the potential projects listed on the website or b) a project they have independently developed with NeuralCODR faculty members
  • Letters of Support
    • Must include four letters of support, two must be from the sponsoring NeuralCODR faculty members (please visit our "Faculty and Research" page).
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Please submit all of the above information to the Program Director, Dee Woodson: